Key Program Faculty

UNC Charlotte's national reputation and connection to one of America's largest financial cities attracts professors from all over the world.

Belk College students enjoy the advantage of learning from a full-time faculty that combines a passion for teaching and research with a commitment to their students' success. Through innovative applied research, our award-winning professors make significant contributions to their fields of expertise.

Our faculty are quoted and cited in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, are published in top journals in their disciplines and many serve as consultants to top businesses around the globe. Belk College faculty research can be found in major journals: Journal of Business Ethics, Management Science, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Management, Marketing Science, Journal of Management Information Systems, Operations Research, Journal of Operations Management, and the Journal of International Business Studies.

Meet the Distinguished DBA Faculty

L. Ted Amato

Professor of Economics
L. Ted Amato Friday 220A

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George Banks photo

George Banks

Chair and Professor, Department of Management
George Banks Friday 252A

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Hughlene Burton photo

Hughlene Burton

Associate Professor of Accounting
Hughlene Burton Friday 257B

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Jack Cathey photo

Jack Cathey

Master of Accountancy Program Director, Associate Professor of Accounting
Jack Cathey Friday 259A

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Sunil Erevelles

Sunil Erevelles

Associate Professor of Marketing
Sunil Erevelles Friday 229A

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Janaki Gooty

Janaki Gooty

Director of the MBA Program and Professor of Management
Janaki Gooty Friday 244A

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Xiuli He photo

Xiuli He

Professor of Operations Management
Xiuli He Friday 352A

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Nima Jalali photo

Nima Jalali

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Nima Jalali Friday 240A

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Monica Johar

Professor of Management Information Systems
Monica Johar Friday 352C

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Franz Kellermanns photo

Franz W. Kellermanns

Academic Director, DBA Program; Distinguished Professor and Addison H. & Gertrude C. Reese Endowed Chair
Franz W. Kellermanns Friday 206A

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Moutaz Khouja

Professor of Operations Management
Moutaz Khouja Friday 351C

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Ram Kumar

Professor of Management Information Systems
Ram Kumar Friday 203B

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Angela Liu

Xia "Angela" Liu

Professor of Marketing
Xia "Angela" Liu Friday 250B

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Gregory Martin

Associate Professor of Accounting
Gregory Martin Friday 268A

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Sangkil Moon photo

Sangkil Moon

Chair of the Department of Marketing; and Cullen Endowed Professor of Marketing
Sangkil Moon Friday 252B

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Sungjune Park photo

Sungjune Park

Professor of Management Information Systems
Sungjune Park Friday 353B

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Torsteon Pieper photo

Torsten Pieper

Associate Professor of Management
Torsten Pieper Friday 244B

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Natasha Randle photo

Natasha Randle

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs; Clinical Professor of Management
Natasha Randle Friday 308A

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Steven G. Rogelberg

Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of Management
Steven G. Rogelberg Friday 249

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Cem Saydam

Professor of Operations Management
Cem Saydam Friday 244D

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Reginald Silver photo

Reginald Silver

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Executive Education, Clinical Professor of BISOM, Clinical Professor of Data Science and Business Analytics
Reginald Silver Friday 314C

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Laura Stanley

Laura Stanley

Associate Professor of Management
Laura Stanley Friday 241

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Antonis Stylianou photo

Antonis Stylianou

Professor of Management Information Systems
Antonis Stylianou Friday 350B

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Chandra Subramaniam photo

Chandrasekar Subramaniam

Chair of BISOM, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
Chandrasekar Subramaniam Friday 266B

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Alan Turovlin photo

Alan Turovlin

DBA Program Director, Clinical Assistant Professor
Alan Turovlin 352B

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Justin W. Webb

Belk Distinguished Professor of Business Innovation
Justin W. Webb Friday 209A

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David J. Woehr

Belk Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management
David J. Woehr Friday 126

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Dongsong Zhang photo

Dongsong Zhang

Belk Endowed Chair in Business Analytics, Distinguished Professor of Business Information Systems and Operations Management
Dongsong Zhang Friday 363A

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