Be the person people know in high places.

UNC Charlotte’s Doctorate in Business Administration has pioneered the first program of its kind in the Carolinas. Exclusively attended by doctoral candidates, all scholars enter with a Master’s Degree and an average of 20 years of business experience. 

The Doctorate in Business Administration at UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business opens three career paths that expand your horizons across the entire business landscape:

Corporate Consulting

Become a corporate consultant that doesn’t just tell people how they should run their business, but rather understands and executes the models, algorithms and systems that install significant change across an organization.

Business School Professor

Become a professor at a business school. Your experience and advanced knowledge won’t just educate ambitious students; you will create a managerial tree that improves the world of business with every graduating class.

Corporate Change Agent

Become a catalyst for change in your company. Develop the skills to address complex and practical business challenges, so you can approach problems as an evidence-based manager — and a thought leader in your field.