DR. Geoff Nau

Geoff Nau
DBA Alumnus Class of 2021
Portfolio Value and Market Manager, Allscripts

A native North Carolinian, I became interested in healthcare as a result of the events from 9/11.  I received my Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Queens University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from UNC Charlotte and a Master’s in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.  Currently, I am a Senior Analyst for Allscripts, where the focus is on improving physician and nursing documentation and bettering patient outcomes. I also continue to work as a Registered Nurse.  

Personal interests are family, volunteering and reading. My hobbies center around long-distance trail running (ultramarathons). My reasons for pursuing the DBA are simple; a desire for learning and to be a part of the academic community (in hopes to teach one day).

My area of research interest has an overarching theme of healthcare.  I have interests in corporate misconduct within the healthcare sector (executive, provider and pharmaceutical) as well as interest in healthcare culture and ethics.  Lately, I have been fascinated with reading/studying consumerism and patient engagement.

With a passion for analytics, I remain open to any data driven healthcare topic.  


Job Entrenched, Placeholders, Or Job Detached: A Person-Centered Approach To Job Embeddedness