DR. Janice Wise

Janice Wise
DBA Alumna Class of 2021
Director of Property Management/Owner, ABAC Properties, LLC

I am the Director of Property Management with more than 10 years of experience managing multifaceted residential properties, including conventional, senior, HUD project-based section 8, section 8 voucher, and tax credit units.  I take pride in providing complete day-to-day property and financial management services to my clients.

I am seeking to expand my knowledge in business by researching areas of business that would benefit my property owners and tenants as well as enlighten other professionals. I believe the Doctorate in Business Administration program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will help me achieve this goal.

Based on my experience, fair pricing is a complex problem that has created an uncomfortable conversation.   How do you determine the value of your service? I feel this is most entrepreneur issue when pricing the value of their service. I have contemplated over this particular situation for countless hours and came up with several questions which I call the 3-W’s:

  • Why would someone pay for this product and/or services?

  • What is the value of the products and/or services?

  • Who is accountable for making sure the full value of the product and/or services are received?

As an entrepreneur myself, I would like to see a mechanism or analysis method built to help ensure fair prices exist.


The Influence of Low-Income Households: Social Cohesion Entrepreneurship Formalization Moderated by Family Support, Risk Propensity, and Locus of Control