Tashika Hamilton

Tashika Hamilton
DBA Scholar
Senior Implementation Consultant, Alight Solutions

Tashika, a lifelong resident of Charlotte, started her career in 1999 with Adecco temp ;agency working for Bank of America as an Accounts Payable Specialist. Six months into her banking career, she was hired on permanently and moved into a manager/team lead role where she supported people, projects, and processes. Throughout Tashika’s tenure, she’s moved across four domains of the business and has been a part of a merger and four acquisitions. Tashika’s two decades of work experience in operations has allowed her to acquire a master’s in business, a certification in payroll, a certification in Workday Human Capital Management and many leadership accolades.

Tashika has a strong understanding of all facets of business from client facing, diversity training, accounting & finance, payroll operations, coupled with a strong sense of strategic and analytical thinking skills. Overall, she works even harder to understand cultural differences within her organization and continuously focuses on engaging and networking with people of color. Tashika seeks growth through mentorship and has acquired a framework for understanding how to distinguish and leverage her contribution to company stakeholders and for opportunity of leadership advancement.

Tashika believes that the DBA program will allow her to expound her research on how many degrees it takes for minorities and people of color to lead Fortune 500 organizations. Tashika is passionate about serving her community and helping others. The business model of higher education, operations management and data analytics are consistent with her research and proposal of building a training platform that assists organizations with diversifying and development of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Tashika’s DBA research interest and overall goal is to meet the high-performance demands of an increasing global economy, all while building and developing high performing minority leaders in corporate America.