Valrie Grant

Valrie Grant
DBA Scholar
Founder & Chairwoman, GeoTechVision

Valrie Grant is a serial entrepreneur and geospatial strategy and business development consultant. She is best known for her work in the geospatial community and for her company GeoTechVision, a knowledge services company she built into an internationally reliable and quality provider of a range of customized services and data-driven solutions for governments, NGOs and corporate entities. Valrie is a lifelong learner that is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship. She relishes every opportunity to mentor women entrepreneurs and young people. 

Her latest initiative is EduTechAid which seeks to respond to the inequality of access to digital tools in education and empower youths. She has served on several national, regional and international boards and committees such as the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC), the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM): Americas Private Sector Network and the VM Foundation. Valrie is a 2020 WE Empower UN Sustainability Development Goals Challenge Award recipient. Most recently she authored the book "Every Day is Day One: Maintaining the Startup Culture and Mindset."

She holds a  Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of West Indies, a Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Environment from the Manchester Metropolitan University and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology.

Valrie’s interest in entrepreneurship, leadership, organizational effectiveness and diversity on boards is what sparked her interest in pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration. Valrie’s research will focus on how to gain a competitive edge with organizational culture and how culture is central to and supports an organization’s strategy.