Don Finucane

Don Finucane
DBA Scholar
Product Management Executive

Originally from Ireland, Don emigrated to the United States shortly after completing his undergraduate degree in business studies at the University of Limerick. Don also holds an MBA from Pace University in New York.

Don is a senior product management leader with extensive experience developing and managing global B2B enterprise software solutions. Over a 20+ year career in product leadership, Don has developed and executed product strategies for companies of different sizes, from small start-ups to large publicly traded enterprises, and he has managed product portfolios at all stages of the product life cycle. His experience spans multiple industry sectors including fintech and payments, intellectual property, agribusiness and maritime, and he loves the learning opportunity that comes along with applying his craft to a new industry/problem.

Most recently, Don was the Head of Product for Connected Banking at Capital One. Prior roles included Chief Product Officer at AvidXchange and President of Product, Strategy, and Innovation at Informa Plc.

Because product management is a relatively new corporate function, Don’s area of interest for research will focus on the evolution and adoption of the discipline over the past decade and the impact it has in driving digital transformation across corporate America.

Don is married to his high school sweetheart Marie, and they have three amazing children, Danielle, Michael, and Kiely.