DR. Brooks T. Durham

Brooks T. Durham
DBA Alumnus Class of 2021
VP Operations / General Manager, LD Davis Industries

I received B.S in Operations Management from Penn State University and my M.B.A. from Widener University. I am the VP Operations/GM of LD Davis Industries.  We are a third-generation, privately-held Manufacturer of Adhesives.  I relocated to Monroe, NC in 2015 to begin my work at LD Davis. Prior to this relocation, I was in Pennsylvania, having worked in the plastics and packaging industries.  I enjoy the outdoors and have been an avid video gamer since my youth. I am pursing my DBA due to my lifelong enjoyment of learning.  I am at a point in life when I can make this commitment.

My intended area of research will pertain to privately held family businesses. I have worked in this sector my entire career. I find the work challenging, mostly due to the dynamics of generational issues.


The Impact Of Subordinate Characteristics On Perceptions Of Abusive Supervision: A Relative Importance Analysis