DR. Bryan B. Darden

Bryan B. Darden
DBA Alumnus Class of 2021
Corporate Auditor for SECU, State Employees’ Credit Union

I currently work for State Employees’ Credit Union as a Senior Loan Officer and Regional Insurance Specialist in Mecklenburg County. I have earned an MBA from Fayetteville State University and a Masters from Appalachian State. Outside of work and school, I enjoy hiking and sports. During football season, I will be pulling for the Carolina Panthers. I am pursuing the DBA to accomplish a life-long goal of earning a Doctorate and to one day be the CEO of a Credit Union.

My area of research is looking at Change Management within the financial industry and ultimately why organizations change, what prompts the change, why it is successful, why it fails and how leaders can more effectively lead the changes that are necessary to be successful.


Through the Lens of Social Movement Impact Theory in Latin America. Measuring Entrepreneurial Intention: Utilizing Socio-Political Activism and Entrepreneurial Passion as Moderated by Opportunity Recognition and Gender