DR. Ghazala Bibi

Ghazala Bibi
DBA Alumna Class of 2023
Business Systems Analyst, UNC Greensboro

Originally from Pakistan, Ghazala Bibi moved to North Carolina in 2001. Ghazala has obtained a Master's of Science in Management from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Information Systems from UNC Greensboro. Ghazala currently works as a Business Systems Analyst at her alma mater, UNC Greensboro.

Ghazala wants to pursue her DBA because she has a strong desire to learn, a passion for research and is on a path of continual growth.

Ghazala's personal interests include spending time with her family, volunteering and real estate.

The business model of higher education, operations management and data analytics are areas of research that are consistent with her work experience and curiosity. Specifically, she is interested in researching the selection, adoption, evaluation and strategic use of information technology, its impact on organizational efficiency, and how it necessitates a structural shift in an organization.