DR. Nubia A. Castillo

Nubia A. Castillo
DBA Alumna Class of 2021
Technology Leader

Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Concentration, John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
MBA at Queen's University of Charlotte, North Carolina

I worked for the last 15 years at Charter Communication/Time Warner Cable.  My last position was the Director of Engineering. I'm at technology leader with extensive experience driving technology, products and teams. In-depth technical knowledge to deliver quality products and systems solutions.

I have been married to Macario Valle for twenty-three years.  We have two sons. Josue and David. I love outdoors activities, hiking and running, I enjoy learning and hope to help others with the knowledge and experience during the DBA program.

One of the topics I would like to explore is the causes successful companies shift their focus of innovation to a point that they no longer innovate.  In the first place, it would be fascinating to unscramble the reasons that made these companies successfully. It is clear they had enjoyed a period of prosperity.  

My goal is to get in-depth understanding on all the subjects from information technology, operations, leadership, management, and marketing.  The integration of all these subjects will help me expand my understanding of the business challenges and contribute with my findings to improve performance at all levels of an organization.


How Does Family Firm Status Moderate The Relationship Between Organizational Readiness For Change And Organizational Resilience In Times of Crisis?