DR. Sandra Varney

Sandra Varney
DBA Alumna Class of 2023
Associate Registrar of Educational Planning, University of South Carolina

Sandra Varney has earned three post-secondary degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Master of Science in Management and a Master of Education in Higher Education Administration. She currently serves as the Associate Registrar for Educational Planning at the University of South Carolina where she assists with curriculum management and process improvement. Her previous work experience includes talent acquisition and retention, strategic planning, informative assessment and policy standardization.

Sandra is pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration because she aspires to become a consultant for higher education in the areas of organizational leadership, strategic planning and talent acquisition. 

Sandra loves all things fall and football and enjoys spending time with her daughter. She is an avid reader and often listens to audiobooks and podcasts as well. 

Sandra’s research interests include identifying talent and potential, developing leadership pipelines and effective succession planning for long-term sustainability.