Tiffany M. Ehrenfried, MBA

Tiffany M. Ehrenfried
DBA Scholar
Finance Director, Goshen Medical Center, Inc.

Tiffany M. Ehrenfried, finance director, is a native of Virginia. She earned a B.S. in Political Science from Old Dominion University and an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management from Southern New Hampshire University. Tiffany currently works at Goshen Medical Center, Inc., the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in North Carolina.

Before moving to North Carolina, Tiffany first worked in the accounting field. She started in accounts payable, receivable, and payroll and moved up in responsibilities over the years. Tiffany then chose to take three years away from the corporate world and moved to Seoul, South Korea,, where she worked in private academies teaching English to children ranging from three to 18 years old. This time was invaluable as Tiffany learned lifelong lessons about living in a different culture, different workplace customs and how to communicate effectively when language barriers are present.

Goshen Medical Center, Inc. is a FQHC that provides medical care in rural areas of North Carolina to those who are migrants, low income or underinsured patients. Goshen has over 38 medical and dental locations throughout North Carolina. Tiffany manages the numerous government and private grant funds awarded to Goshen along with overseeing the medical billing department. Tiffany is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Tiffany’s research interest stems from seeing the hiring challenge faced in a rural setting of finding quality candidates who are willing to remain long term in small towns and counties.

In her spare time Tiffany enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, yoga, walking, and spending time with friends. She especially enjoys spending time with her cat, Lucy. She also enjoys having time to be creative through painting and pottery.